Writing activities for the mitten by jan brett lesson

Creative Teaching Press, Using cut outs of a mitten and the animal characters, have students assist in an oral retelling of the story. The following day the students will color and lace pairs of oak-tag mittens.

Have students put the animals into their mittens by number order, then dump them out when the bear sneezes. The students could respond to the following questions or to teacher created questions: What did Baba think when she saw that one mitten was stretched bigger?

I told them to be as creative and silly as they wanted.

The Mitten

Then, have students assist in writing the name of each item on sentence strips. Reread with a focus on comprehension. I printed mine on the color printer at school, glued them on cardstock, cut them out, laminated them, and then attached them to these big, wooden paint sticks I had in my classroom.

When the bear appears, explain that he lumbers, or walks very slowly and heavily. Independent working time 20 minutes Distribute an Animals sheet and a Mitten sheet to each student, and ask him to color them in.

Reread- Shared Reading Focus Story: Hold up the "Wild" concept word strip. What would it be like inside the mitten? Do you think that Baba will be upset that Nicki dropped a mitten?

Tell the students to pretend that the sheet is a mitten. How did the animals feel when the bear sneezed? Lion and the Rat Puzzle Game: I suggest saving them to your flashdrive or computer, just in case you lose track of the website in the future.

As you introduce the animals, have the students wearing the corresponding animals masks go under the sheet. Students who complete their assignments early can work on the Dot to Dot A to Z: The children will be asked what they think the story is about She will then tell the class that the story is about a mitten that a little boy named Nikki lost and what happens when some animals find the mitten.

Show a cut out of a child. What is happening in the border? Assessment 5 minutes Listen closely to the answers that students give during Explicit Instruction, and note down the names of students who seem to have trouble understanding the story.

However, we hardly have time to do Christmas projects and other fun activities. Supporting All Learners Students can work in small groups to retell the story.

The teacher will prompt the children by asking if they or a family member every lost anything and how they felt when they did. Day 2 Companion Rhyme: As a matter of fact, I have been on winter break since December 2nd and we do not return until January 3rd I knowDec 11,  · 1 - I read aloud The Mitten by Jan Brett.

(Believe it or not, I picked my copy up last year at Sam's Club for a lesser price than, say, Barnes and Noble.) (Believe it or not, I picked my copy up last year at Sam's Club for a lesser price than, say, Barnes and Noble.).

This interactive lesson features The Mitten by Jan Brett. Students will have a great time acting out the story and developing their reading skills.

Guided Lessons are a sequence of interactive digital games, worksheets, and other activities that guide learners through.

In this lesson, using the story The Mitten by Jan Brett, students learn how to become good readers by asking questions. This is the first lesson in a set of questioning lessons designed for primary grades.

The Mitten Preschool Activities and Crafts

Upon completion of this lesson, students will have been exposed to the use of the Internet and have enjoyed a literature experience with a Jan Brett book. The teacher and students may enjoy looking for more books by this author.

Review the story by performing and acting it out by letting students wear animal masks (from Jan Brett's website) of the character they are to be. As each animal enters the mitten (a large white sheet), sing 'The Mitten' phoneme substitution song to the tune of 'The Farmer in the Dell'.

The Mitten and winter preschool and kindergarten activities, lessons, crafts, and games. Jan Brett's wonderful adaption of the Ukrainian Folktale "The Mitten" makes a great base for a unit on mittens to use during the winter months with your preschool and kindergarten children.

Writing activities for the mitten by jan brett lesson
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