Watermelon or seed writing anchor

PERSONAL NARRATIVE Writing - Cherish The Small Moments - Watermelon vs Seeds

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Anchor Charts Pictures Galore!

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Label the columns with a picture of a watermelon and a picture of a seed. Narrative Writing: Seed Ideas. By brainstorming ideas about past experiences, young writers will learn to develop their own personal narratives.

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Vera Vanderlip receiving the Charter from Mr. John A. Aikman, then Second Vice President of UELAC. Writer's Workshop This is a watermelon themed set of colorfully illustrated anchor charts that help to explain some aspects of the Writer's Workshop strategy especially for personal narratives writing.

Included in this set are the following printables. SWBAT generate at least four narrative “seeds” and begin drafting their narrative using a story mountain organizer.

Lesson: Finding the Idea for Your Narrative - Watermelons vs.

Narrative Writing: Seed Ideas

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Watermelon or seed writing anchor
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