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Then we come to the more interesting part of the chapter: And yet to those who stay here it will have been Heaven from the first. But even granting Lewis the benefit of the doubt — even assuming that the Ghosts had freely and willingly chosen their fate — why should this be considered relevant?

Pain and suffering are real, all too real, at the time they are experienced, and postulating a future state where some people will be able to look back on them and smile as reprehensible a thought as that is, in and of itself does not change this.

And with the philosopher, this cynic and many of his sort throughout history faces eternal separation from God. Although a relatively thin book, it is packed with thought provoking questions concerning ones faith. In fact, this book was written specifically to combat it, and to do this he concocts this bizarre, Kafkaesque Heaven where the saved are stripped of humanity and the damned are condemned for being offered a choice they cannot understand and choosing wrongly.

As will be shown later on, this crack in his theology provides a suitable place to insert a wedge that will split the entire system open. Would they be unhappy? There is nothing stopping us from inventing such pleasant fantasies, but the problem is that all afterlife scenarios suffer alike from the same lack of confirming evidence.

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It is part of The great divorce essay definition of love that it is a state where the happiness of another is equal to your own.

Lewis makes no reply to these counterarguments, even though the Ghost presents some of them. It might be that they are arrogant and want to believe the entire vast universe was made just for them; it might be that they are too afraid to face existence as it is and would rather believe that it is as they prefer it to be; it might be that they want a reason to feel superior to others; it might be that they are stubborn and do not want to face the facts; or it might be that they are brainwashed, too set in their ways to even consider that anything they were taught might be wrong.

Unlike the damned, they are as fully solid and real as anything else in this place; Lewis calls them Spirits. Even the damned who were truly evil during life, those who deserve to be there as much as anyone does, are not made to pay for their deeds in any meaningful way — they are not made to see the wrongness of what they did.

All of the self-justifying ink Lewis spills cannot alter the fundamental immorality, the injustice, of this belief system. She wants nothing to do with God until she gets Michael first.

Reginald assures her though that if she can embrace God first with the love rightly due Him, then she would find herself possessing Michael once again, and loving him more than she ever thought herself capable. But this criticism could be turned right back on the Christians. It further reinforces the facts that any god who would create Hell would be a monster, and any human being who would enjoy Heaven untroubled by the suffering of the damned only slightly less so.

I am in Love, and out of it I will not go.Read Great Divorce free essay and over 88, other research documents. Great Divorce.

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C. S. Lewis is known throughout the world for his ability to tuck theology into fantasy. He's the author of /5(1). Essay The Great Divorce and The Divine Comedy - The cultural impact of Dante’s Divine Comedy is widely seen through a sundry of literary works, television programs, films and even video games.

Yet, one of the most prominent works the Divine Comedy has impacted is C.S. Lewis’s The Great Divorce. The Great Divorce Essay Words Nov 8th, 4 Pages In The Great Divorce, the narrator suddenly, and inexplicably, finds himself in a grim and joyless city (the "grey town", representative of hell).

An allegory along the lines of Dante's Divine Comedy, Christian apologist C.S. Lewis' book The Great Divorce was written, as Lewis explains in the preface, to combat the. The Great Divorce essays The Great Divorce, a book written by C.S.

Lewis, is known to be one of the most profound works on Christian philosophy. Much of Lewis's work is based on his Christian faith. In this book, he explains the concepts of Heaven and Hell as well as the experiences he went thr.

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Great Divorce

Lewis. C.S. Lewis's message concerning free will is that God helps the one's willing to convert and that each person that is saved must take the first step.

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