Study on welfare activities

The approaches and their brief descriptions are: In bygone days, the government of the land had to compel the owner of an industrial establishment to provide such basic amenities as canteens, rest rooms, drinking water, good working conditions, and so forth, for their employees.

Labour welfare, as mentioned earlier, is gradually becoming social welfare. There is the story of a big Jain employer who firmly held the belief that the provision of welfare facilities for workers was outside the duties of the management.

As crying children are pacified by sweets, workers should be pleased by welfare works. Policing Theory According to this view, the factory and other industrial workplaces provide ample opportunities for owners and managers of capital to Study on welfare activities workers in an unfair manner.

Various assistant programs are arranged like external counseling service so that employees or members of their immediate family can get counseling on various matters.

In several companies employee referral scheme is implemented to encourage employees to refer friends and relatives Study on welfare activities employment in the organization. Robert Owen of England was a philanthropic employer, who worked for the welfare of his workers.

Adequate numbers of restrooms are provided to the workers with provisions of water supply, wash ba sins, toilets, bathrooms, etc. The statutory welfare benefits schemes include the following provisions: Brooke Bond have set up a free animal welfare clinic at Gevrai, Aurangabad, under the direct charge of a qualified veterinary doctor.

Tata Steel Works at Jamshedpur, for example, spends Rs 10 crore each year on social welfare. In short, the state assumes the role of a policeman, and compels the managers of industrial establishments to provide welfare facilities, and punishes the non-complier.

Sports goods major the report said Adidas, Reebok, Nike and Puma were sourcing from companies whose workers suffered seven working days a week, 16 to 18 working hours a day, sexual harassment of women, and forced to do overtime without payment for over time.

In fact, welfare facilities are not restricted to the workers alone. Adequate lockers are also provided to the workers to keep their clothes and belongings. A study of the approaches to labour welfare is desirable for the management, the workers and the general reader.

Workers are like children who are intelligent, but not fully so. The social theory implies that a factory is morally bound to improve the conditions of the society in addition to mproving the condition of its employees. The philanthropic theory is more common in social welfare.

Peace can be bought by welfare measures. Consequently, in this particular factory, there came to exist an excellent creche and a well-organised dispensary. Social Theory The social obligation of an industrial establishment has been assuming great significance these days.

Placating Theory This theory is based on the assumption that appeasement pays when the workers are organised and are militant.

Public Relations Theory According to this theory, welfare activities are provided to create a good impression on the minds of the workers and the public, particularly the latter.

Clean and safe working conditions, a good canteen, creche and other amenities, make a good impression on the workers, visitors and the public.

He felt that, as a compensation, or expiration or even as an investment in a good deed punyamhe should liberally contribute to the creche in the factory as well as to other child-welfare institutionsand also to medical services for his workers.

The public relations theory of labour welfare. Any action, good or bad. For several reasons, such as low wages, lack of education, and so forth the workers are at present unable to take care of themselves. The Hindustan Machine Tools has a big playground and a community hall, which are let out for competitions and functions.

In every organization, especially factories, suitable seating arrangements are to be provided. It enacts legislation under which managements are compelled to provide basic amenities to the workers. Inspired by this belief, some employers plan and organise canteens and creches.

The placating theory of labour welfare. This is the policing theory of labour welfare. The trusteeship is not actual and legal, but it is moral and, therefore, not less real.

Employee Welfare Activities in Private Sector and Their Impact on Quality of Work Life

The Jindal Scholarship Trust has been set up, under which deserving students are given scholarships. Moreover, the different approaches to labour welfare reflect the evolution of the concept of welfare.A study was undertaken in Visakhapatnam District at Andhra Pradesh, India to identify the various employee welfare activities practiced by different private sector undertakings and its impact on the quality of work life of the employees.

EMPLOYEES SATISFACTION & WELFARE MEASURES A CASE STUDY WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO This study throws light on the impact of welfare measures They argue that social welfare activities are strategic investments for firm.

They can create intangible assets that help companies overcome entry. a study of welfare activities ii the university homes project, atlanta, georgia a thesis submitted to the faculty of the atlanta university school.

The various approaches to labour welfare reflect the attitudes and beliefs of the agenĀ­cies which are engaged in welfare activities. Welfare facilities may be provided on religious, philanthropic or some other grounds. This lesson plan is a tool for helping students learn about animal welfare.

Students will research and discuss specific issues surrounding the. A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE WELFARE FACILITIES IN HLL Objectives Methodology Scope Of the study Limitation Of The Study A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE WELFARE FACILITIES IN HLL 4 If welfare activities are viewed in this light,it can be seen that they are guided by purposes of humanitarian and socialjustice.

Study on welfare activities
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