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We are currently enrolling students from Nottingham, N. Are Knights required to attend all meetings? All program level leaders are required to complete leadership training through Camp Fire which includes a criminal background check.

Do the Knights of the Round Table have uniforms? Code of chivalry[ change change source ] In order to become a Knight of the Round Table, a knight had to prove he was chivalrous polite enough. How much does it cost? We are also looking for volunteers to fill Board positions. Please contact us using the information on the Contact Us page to volunteer.

What youth protection policies are in place? In Camp Fire, everyone is welcome. Who are you and why did you start the Nottingham Knights of the Round Table? Why did you choose the name Knights of the Round Table: What are the Knights of the Round Table all about?

How can I volunteer to be a leader? This meant that they promised to uphold the rules given to them once they became a Knight of the Round Table.

To never do outrage nor murder not to assault or murder anybody Always to flee treason do not commit treasona crime against your country or king To by no means be cruel but to give mercy unto him who asks for mercy Do not be mean.

Do you follow a curriculum? Can siblings and other family members participate? My wife and I enjoy raising our two sons and daughter in the community of Nottingham, NH. Although members are organized in different age groups, most of our activities will be designed to include all ages with different levels of challenge and complexity for the different ages.

Individual adult to youth contact is prohibited in any activity. The Knights have a club t-shirt included in the cost of annual dues for new members. What kinds of things do you do? Camp Fire works to realize the dignity and worth of each individual and to eliminate human barriers based on all assumptions which prejudge individuals.

Who can become a member of the Knights of the Round Table? Regular attendance at meetings and group activities is encouraged, but the program is specifically designed with the understanding that many members may have seasonal activities that present difficulties in participation during certain times of the year.

We hope to provide a Discovery group for grades in the future.

In the legend, the knights swore a Code of Chivalry, which is much like an oath is today. We may try to provide a week of camp or a couple of activities during the summer months.

The most commonly mentioned in literature include: We hope the program will promote parent involvement and positive youth interaction. The shirts are designed to be worn to group activities to provide a sense of belonging, unity and identity.

We plan to choose a group activity for each month, with input from our members, and then utilize the suggested curriculum to help structure the smaller group meetings for each program level. Knights of the Round Table is open to both boys and girls, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, gender identity, religious beliefs or physical limitations.

At least two adults are required for any activity at all times. Not to take up battles in wrongful quarrels for love or worldly goods do not even join in fights over anything less than God or country To fear God and maintain His Church List of the Knights of the Round Table[ change change source ] In different stories, there are different numbers of knights, ranging from 12 to more than Sir Thomas Malory wrote a book based on the legend of King Arthur.

In it, he wrote his version of the Code of Chivalry: How are the Knights of the Round Table structured?The story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is very, very old.

People knights a place at the Round Table. Each knight had his place at the table, but no chair ‘The names of the Knights of the Round Table will be famous!’ cried Merlin. This is a quiz about the legendary King Arthur and his life. Also on the Court of Camelot and the knights of the round table.

From The Once and Future King (Author redstars). A: Knights of the Round Table is a youth club organized under CampFire USA, for the purposes of supporting the youth of Nottingham, having fun, developing leadership skills, and serving our community.

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The King Arthur and the Knights quiz

Choose one of the thousands addictive knights of the round table quizzes, play and share. Chapter 3 Knights Of The Round Table. The King Arthur and the Knights quiz.

quizzes | Create a quiz Progress: 1 of 10 questions. Test your knowledge of King Arthur and the chivalrous Knights of the Round Table! King Arthur was from what country?

Knights of the Round Table

Spain England Ireland Scotland «previous. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table provides history, legend, and everything in between for those interested in Arthurian Legend and Tradition.

Questions knights of the round table
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