Political events in panama essay

I will keep updating this article and provide more information as it comes in and these events keep developing. In Panama, Presidents cannot run for reelection, so the past President Ricardo Martinelli was not eligible to run for reelection.

For most of the election, it was a close race between Navarro and Arias, with Varela in 3rd place. I know some expats may not care very much what is going on in the government of their home country, but even if many of us cannot vote, I think it is important to at least stay informed and make sure you are in the know.

They instead formed an alliance with a faction of the CD party in an attempt the radically change the political balance in Panama. It was a party formed as an extension of Martinelli. But that being said, it was absolutely part of the agreement between PRD and the faction of CD that they made their alliance with.

So what exactly happened, and what does that mean for the future? In May ofPanama held their elections that take place once every 5 years to elect the President, and all members of the National Assembly.

No committee chairs have been awarded yet, and the assembly is recess. This is also quite clearly bad news for former President Ricardo Martinelli, as his hand was clearly involved in this attempt to form an alliance between PRD and CD. To understand that, we first need to understand Panamanian politics and how we got to today.

However, 2 years into the alliance, the relationship went sour, and Martinelli fired Varela from some of his posts although not Vice President and the two became essentially mortal enemies at the end of his term.

CD won the most seats with 30, but did not win enough to hold a majority of the assembly. In return, the CD would get several major committee chairmanships, including Credentials, Judicial, Finance, and Economy, among others.

This will be good news for expats, as the PRD has become increasingly anti-foreigner over the last year. But now that Martinelli is hiding out in the US and facing likely criminal charges, his grip over the party he started has clearly loosened, and enough members of the CD party are looking to distance themselves from him that the alliance fell apart.

The proposed PRD and CD alliance was not strong, as both parties were fractured, and not all members were on board with this new alliance.

Panama’s Fascinating and Crazy Political Day: Explained

This brings us to where we are today, when on the day of legislative elections where the deputies choose their speaker and committee chairs, PRD finally pulled the trigger and broke off their legislative alliance.

However, the situation is still very fluid. For expats to understand what is going on today in Panama, they need to understand a little bit about how Panamanian politics work. PRD will likely stay together, but be relegated to the fringe where they most likely belong. His win gives a huge victory to Varela, and signaling a vote of confidence in his agenda.

Because of this, a ruling coalition needed to be formed. So Panamanian deputies were faced with a choice between two candidates from the same parties but with very different objectives. If nothing else, the prospect of some of the worst PRD anti-foreigner measures become law has become even less.

The Panamanian political system is certainly fascinating, and days like today show that. Some readers have responded to the part about impeachment in this article and saying how that was over sensationalized and would never happened.Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

(November ) The politics of Panama take place in a framework of a presidential representative democratic republic with multi-party system, The branches are according to Panama's Political Constitution of Aug 08,  · World news about Panama.

Breaking news and archival information about its people, politics and economy from The New York Times. Nov 06,  · The Panama scandal shows that politicians have to make some more tough choices. The Economist explains: What are the Panama papers and why do they matter? Products and events.

Panama: Political and Economic Conditions and U.S. Relations Congressional Research Service Summary With five successive elected civilian governments, the Central American nation of Panama has.

- Panama History and Culture The culture and political structures of Panama as we know it today has evolved from an incredibly diverse and interesting history. - Panama Canal Essay The canal was the best thing that ever happened to Panama.

Politics of Panama

there were a number of external factors that disrupted overall timeline and sequence of events. Panama’s Fascinating and Crazy Political Day: Explained. In addition to a handful of minor parties, Panama has three major political parties, the center-left Partido Revolucionario Democrático (PRD), the center-right Cambio Democrático (CD), and the center-right Panameñista party.

I will keep updating this article and provide more.

Political events in panama essay
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