P2 money spent by the government

PhilHealth referred the memo to the internal legal department, as it considers requesting a possible deadline extenstion. COA said it was the same thing for the committee hearings and added there was missing confirmation from De la Serna that she completely and clearly heard the meeting during the video conference, as required by government rules.

He told me that his profit margins are at the breaking point because of ever higher gas prices and rising utility bills. Of course, the P2 billion would be an additional revenue to Smartmatic. The Binays are already facing multiple criminal charges at the Sandiganbayan in connection with the allegedly anomalous project.

Phases 1 to 4 also had fake Invitations to Apply for Eligibility and to Bid published in newspaper Balita. We laugh to keep from crying, right?

Aside from this, state auditors questioned why De la Serna received allowances, which were already disallowed by COA in previous years. What are methane gas emissions? Rappler repeatedly tried to get the side of De la Serna but was told on Wednesday she could not yet give an official statement.

However, in a corporate order dated December 10,PhilHealth said only its officials and employees who are reassigned, "without them requesting such re-assignment and which re-assignment is strictly made in the exigency of service," are granted a housing allowance. As of May 2, she has not yet responded.

This accounts to "overpayments" worth P Remember, she still has no formal appointment, so technically she has no place of office yet. It should show not only the direct cost related to the acquisition and lease of the machines, warehousing and maintenance, but also the cost associated with electricity and water consumption and personnel services.

So during that time, as president di siya present dito pero as board member, she was able to attend the board meeting at certified yun by corporate secretary," he added. If we use a 5 percent interest rate, the total opportunity loss would be P7 billion, or grand losses of almost P40 billion.

Rappler has formally requested for a copy of that but has yet to receive it. Even during the government shutdownthey spend non-existent money on crazy things. To sum up, in terms of the interest that could have been earned sincethe total opportunity loss would be P3.

Even this little family understands the importance of budgeting better than President Obama. There is a maximum amount allowed. They may have been fake clinics, but the government paid out real money and a lot of it.

You and I, our children and their children are of course responsible for paying that debt.

24 Stupidest Things the U.S. Government Spends Money On

That basically means we taught them how to balance and follow a budget…now if we could just take a few notes for our own budget. She then worked as a trainee in family medicine at the Ospital ng Maynila, and became a resident physician for Healthway Medical Clinic in Alabang from Our tax dollars went to researchers at the University of California at Irvine to fund screen time on video games such as World of Warcraft.

The COA said actual accomplishment for Phase 1 only reached But now, a government office could just request for its use at no cost to them.

All in one email a week. He said even if she was on sick leave then as president, she attended the meeting as board member. It provides for the following: Actually, hindi po central office base niya, kasi nga wala pa siyang appointment," he told Rappler in an interview on Wednesday, May 2.

But PhilHealth spokesman Israel Pargas said De la Serna is not technically based in the central office because she is only an OIC and has not been officially appointed. So during that time, she was not able to attend as president but as board member, she was able to attend the board meeting and that was certified by the corporate secretary.

Meron lang maximum amount. As interim president, however, De la Serna is also part of the board. De la Serna was technically not reassigned. State auditors also cited the order De la Serna herself issued this year, Corporate Orderpromoting austerity measures in the agency.

Asked by Rappler how he would reconcile the travel expenses being funded by government money, Pargas said: The band chose this university to showcase the archive, but is it really free to the public if they spent federal dollars to create it? The largest discrepancy under the term of Binay Jr.

I can think of a few ways to use that many vacant buildings.money spent on good 1(x1p1)+ money spent on good 2 (p2x2). Jude de la Serna has spent at least P, of government funds for her accommodations, flights to and from Tagbilaran, and terminal fees, according to the Commission on Audit (COA) and.

The judicious spending of taxpayers’ money: Does it matter? 3. By NELSON CELIS, TMT on The direct cost plus the opportunity loss ultimately means billions of pesos in taxpayers’ money spent and wasted on Smartmatic’s AES in only four days (that is, the ARMM elections inand national and local elections in, and Local governments allocate their financial resources to several federally mandated areas, including education, health care, transportation, corrections and public assistance.

COA orders Binays to refund P29B spent for Makati Parking Bldg.

They also reserve roughly a quarter of their funds for town-oriented services such as plowing and road maintenance. Within. The Commission on Audit has ordered the Department of Tourism to pay Duty Free Philippines Corp (DFPC) P million on behalf of the luxurious purchases of former Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo.

Feb 22,  · Hi nflamel69, I'll give this a shot. 1) The government spends more money promoting Highway safety than combatting cigarette smoking. 2) There are more deaths from smoking related diseases than from high accidents.

P2 money spent by the government
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