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These are the things that a company can do uniquely well, and that no-one else can copy quickly enough to affect competition. The concept of a business model has been incorporated into certain accounting standards. A transaction is a single action, whether in business, diplomacy, or otherwise; affair has a similar, but lighter meaning; as, this little affair; an important transaction.

It is a logical representation or map of business components or "building blocks" and can be depicted on a single page. However, these types usually describe only one aspect of the business most often revenue model.

A profession implies scholarship; as, the learned professions. In that analysis, these authors show that there is a design logic behind how entrepreneurs and managers perceive and explain their business model. Bricks and clicks business model Business model by which a company integrates both offline bricks and online clicks presences.


The possible value creation and realization of the organization. Art in the industrial sense is a system of rules and accepted methods for the accomplishment of some practical result; as, the art of printing; collectively, the arts.

An emphasis on business model management and thereby a continuous improvement and governance approach to the business model.


Such a holistic approach would help clarify both intent and sources of synergy and disconnect between business model, strategy, scorecards, information, innovation, processes and IT systems. Pursuit is an occupation which one follows with ardor.

A step-by-step roadmap that describes the synergy and context between Business Model and alignment of Strategy Map, Scorecards, etc. Theoretical and empirical insights to business models Design Logic and Narrative Coherence Design logic views the business model as an outcome of creating new organizational structures or changing existing structures to pursue a new opportunity.

Gerry George and Adam Bock conducted a comprehensive literature review and surveyed managers to understand how they perceived the components of a business model. The plural affairs has a distinctive meaning, including all activities where men deal with one another on any considerable scale; as, a man of affairs.

They recommend ways in which the entrepreneur or CEO can create strong narratives for change. They also show that when the narrative is incoherent or the components of the story are misaligned that these businesses tend to fail. Component business model Technique developed by IBM to model and analyze an enterprise.Need synonyms for "business plan"?

Here's over 15 fantastic words you can use instead. Business Plan on Yogurt; Business Plan on Yogurt. Words Aug 8th, 9 Pages. 1) Executive Summary They are % made from fresh goat milk produced daily with no any other Words | 51 Pages.

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Business Plan Analysis Simulation: PEGASUS TRAVEL (Pegasus Travel is not technically a business plan but rather a Business Plan. business plan meaning: 1. a detailed plan describing the future plans of a business2.

a detailed document describing the future plans of a business. Learn more. Sep 03,  · Business - general words - Synonyms, antonyms, and related words and phrases.

Thesaurus for Business - general words: See more in the Thesaurus and the British English Dictionary - Cambridge Dictionary. Mar 26,  · You'll omit canned language such as Attached please find and other phrases that only clutter your message. The 65 Business Words To Strike From Your Vocabulary Right Now.

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In other words, what is your Unique Selling Proposition, the message you want your customers to receive about your product or service that is the heart of your marketing? Marketing plans are all about communicating this central message to your customers.

No business is too small to have a marketing plan. After all, no business is too small.

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Other words for business plan
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