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Use of Native American Mascots for Sports Essay

They wonder if they should participate in the chants and cheers. The debates notwithstanding, some benefits are attributed to the use of these names. Schools use the mascots because they stand for power and pride.

They represent bravery, courage and fighting skills. The mascot wears the traditional clothing of a chief and has an eagle feather headdress that goes almost to the ground. Native American mascots became an active political issue during the late s. After school board meetings members are finding their vehicles vandalized.

Many different college universities, professional sports teams and public businesses use these sacred symbols, images and traditional dress as a logo or mascot for their team or business. The Fighting Whites set thousands of virtual tongues wagging.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Native americans mascots essay order to do this I am going to break this paper into two parts. School Boards are fighting amongst each other and with staff. It, in turn, makes others believe claims that are not true including the fact that all Native Americans are savages.

Native American Mascots

The argument was sad and very disrespectful toward the Native American people. Their way of life is very different from the socially accepted way of the Europeans. They are taught to respect nature and preserve its natural beauty.

They all believe this was a big racial issue. I found that a majority of the elderly found the mascot offense and disrespectful. We need more education across the nation on Native Americans and their history.

During the same year Stanford University changed its Indian mascot to a cardinal. The schools have thought about changing their names to reflect black and white people.

Moreover, they are used as mascots for schools, institutions of higher learning and pro sports teams. Several Native American Indians have embraced schools and teams to use their mascots.

First Native americans mascots essay foremost, these names help in remembering Native Americans and educating the masses about the significance of these people.

The National Congress of American Indians launched a campaign to bring an end to the use of Indian sports mascots. He always states the people of his tribe want this mascots eliminated.

The controversial issue is causing violence across the United States. Native Americans should feel honor and pride towards these mascots. I have personally went to several sporting events where an Indian name or mascot was used.

In the same vein, not all Native American tribes were seen as warriors. Everyone I spoke with had not even spoken to Mr. The majority of this group is in favor of the Fighting Sioux mascot. They said they will also include the public in this debate. They also feel it is derogatory to their tribe and people.

The reactions provide a flash-frozen ideoscape of racial humor in an age of political correctness. One of the biggest concerns is the physiological impact that this will have on the children.

Why is this issue getting so out of hand? The struggle and fight over the Native American team mascot has caused arguing, violence and vandalism. This visual shows that a majority of the Native Americans do not find the Fighting Sioux Mascot offensive. Essay This essay has been submitted by a student.

We will write it for you from scratch!When the Native American mascots were created they were not created as an insult to Native Americans. It is not a racist thing to use a Native American as a mascot and it does not stereotype them.

Using the Native American as a mascot honors them and it brings support to the team. Free Essay: Issue of whether to keep Mascots in schools or not, started in late ’s and from then this debate is going on. Most of the schools have Indian.

 Native American Mascots Imagine yourself at a sporting event. You are enjoying the last bite of your foot-long hot dog, anticipating the moment the half time show will begin. Use of Native American Mascots Should be Banned Essay - In his Sports Illustrated article, “The Indian Wars,” S.L.

Price argues that there is no easy answer to whether or not the use of Native American mascots by high school, college, and professional sports teams is offensive.

Using Mascots of Native Americans in Sports Indians, Braves, and Chiefs are just some of the terms that are used to describe Native Americans. Moreover, they are used as mascots for schools, institutions of higher learning and pro sports teams.

American Mascots Ethics of Native American mascots is a controversial topic and should not be argued against because they are used ethically, complementary, and respectfully. The Native American Mascot controversy is a topic that has presented itself in recent years all across the country.

Native americans mascots essay
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