My take on the take

Informal To begin a course; set out: The skin graft took. The climb took all our strength. To assume control, management, or responsibility: The television series never took and was later canceled.

To regard or consider in a particular relation or from a particular viewpoint: To cause to die; kill or destroy: An interpretation or assessment, as of an event: Over the years, he has taken on the look of a banker.

To perceive or feel; experience: Nautical To furl a sail. The extra duties took up most of my time. The invaders took and took, until they had everything. To commit and apply oneself to the study of: The boxer took his opponent a sharp jab to the ribs. Take your lunch with you. To receive an amount of moneyas from a business venture: Lars Eighner finger for geek code Email Removed http: The museum got taken on that painting.

Bodily movement in an effort to influence the movement of a propelled object; body English. Your remark took me by surprise.

That's my take on it

My take on the problem is that we need to devote more of our resources to expanding our marketing campaign. To delight or captivate: The number of fish, game birds, or other animals killed or captured at one time. We took him on as a laborer but soon promoted him to supervisor.

Have the seeds taken? To develop as a habit or a steady practice: He got the answer on the third take. To submit to something inflicted ; undergo or suffer: Link to this page: To obtain as an equivalent in a different form: Informal To swindle, defraud, or cheat: Transitive verbs take a direct object.

To acquire some cargo or burden:When On the Take came out init made author Stevie Cameron a household name in Canada. Her book's revelations about the rampant corruption and petty greed of Brian Mulroney's decade in the prime minister's office reverberated for many years in the Canadian political landscape and helped destroy his Progressive Conservative Party/5(5).

Take my hand as we cross the road. Each player takes three cards. The doctor had to take my shoulder and click the joint back into place. In this context, it would be what you ‘take away’ or understand from a discussion or presentation.

As Ganga K suggests, it can also be the opinion you build based upon what you take away. ‘My take’ can also refer to your more physical share or tak. 1: to take away (a covering): remove You can take your shoes off.

2: deduct I'm willing to take off ten percent. 3: to leave a surface in beginning a flight.

(someone's) take on (something)

To undertake or begin to handle something: After her husband's death, she had to take on extra responsibilities. Only a few construction companies are. On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word.

Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show.

My take on the take
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