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French Malbecs, from the Loire and Cahors, have higher acidity, which attributes to flavors described as black pepper and spice.

Malbec Food Pairing Umami Lover: Find out why acidity is so important. In Argentina, Malbec is occasionally blended with Bonardaa regional red grape also known as Deuce Noir. High elevation areas with a wide diurnal temperature shift i.

As the Argentine wine industry discovered the unique quality of wine that could be made from the grape, Malbec arose to greater prominence and is today the most widely planted red grape variety in the country. Black pepper buffalo burgers with blue cheese mushrooms and rosemary infused garlic kale chips.

Between andplantings of Malbec in California increased from acres hectares to more than acres 2, hectares. In a way, Argentina reinvigorated Malbec as one of the top 18 Malbec wine essay grapes.

In Bordeaux, where the variety first gained attention, it was known under the synonym Pressac.

However, Malbec wines will often have a bright magenta rim. Imagine this outside your window with a cup of coffee in your hands. While Argentine Malbec is fruit forward, Malbec from France is quite the opposite.

As newer clones become available, plantings of Malbec in Australia have Malbec wine essay slightly. Bythere were slightly over 1, acres hectareswith the Clare Valley and Langhorne Creek having the most significant amount. The study concluded that there are distinct flavor and compositional differences in Malbec wines produced in Mendoza and California.

The grape was first introduced to the region in the mid 19th century when provincial governor Domingo Faustino Sarmiento instructed the French agronomist Miguel Pouget to bring grapevine cuttings from France to Argentina.

By plantings in the Libournais was down to 12, acres 4, hectares and fell further to 3, acres 1, hectares by Grown throughout the Central ValleyChilean Malbec tends to be more tannic than its Argentine counterpart and is used primarily in Bordeaux-style blends.

The Malbec of the Cahors region is much more tannic with more phenolic compounds that contribute to its dark color. Now it grows in seven countries and continues to grow in popularity.

The wine does extremely well with funky flavors like blue cheese and rustic flavors like mushrooms and cumin spice. Additional recommendations include duck, chicken leg, lamb, beef, ostrich, buffalo, Malbec wine essay pork shoulder.

The wines tend to have juicy fruit notes with violet aromas. The thick-skinned grape is a natural cross of two esoteric varieties that are from Montpellier in Languedoc-Roussilon and Gaillac in the Sud-Ouest. Look for spices that have earthy or smoky flavors such as: Prior to Prohibition in the United StatesMalbec was a significant variety in California used mainly for blended bulk wine production.

Sixteen vineyards in California and twenty-six blocks in Mendoza were selected based on their uniformity and regional representativeness. Because of their moderate tannin and acidity with lower alcohol, French Malbec wines tend to age longer. Host a blind tasting party of your own. Chile has about 6, hectares planted, France 5, hectares and in the cooler regions of California just 45 hectares.

Malbec pairs well with earthy flavors too, such as beef brisket. Too high a yield, as was the circumstance in Argentina until recently with their heavy use of flood irrigationthe wines become more simplistic and lacking in flavor.

When was the last time you had a blue cheese burger? Malbec wine is a deep purple-red that is nearly opaque, similar to Syrah and Mourvedre.

Viticulture[ edit ] Malbec is very susceptible to various grape diseases and viticultural hazards—most notably frostcouluredowney mildew and rot but the development of new clones and vineyard management techniques have helped control some of these potential problems.Free Essay: Malbec grape Malbec is a one of the purple grape varieties which is belonging to Vitis Vinifera used for red wine making.

Because Malbec is one. Free Essay: Malbec Malbec is normally a medium to full-bodied dry red wine. Malbec has plenty of characteristics. It is dark, blue-black, and purple in. Malbec is a full-bodied red wine that grows mostly in Argentina.

Known for its plump, dark fruit flavors and smoky finish, Malbec wine offers a great alternative to higher priced Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. However, there’s more to Malbec than just value. Learn the secrets of Malbec wine, some. Malbec Malbec is normally a medium to full-bodied dry red wine.

Malbec has plenty of characteristics.

It is dark, blue-black, and purple in color. Find the top rated Malbec with Wine Enthusiast Magazine's extensive Malbec wine reviews and easy to use rating system.

Our Malbec ratings are full of great information and will help you make the. Learn About Malbec, The Popular Red Wine Malbec is a wine that seemingly came out of nowhere over the past ten years and quickly has become one of the most popular red wines on the American market.

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