Functionalist role of schools in contemporary

Paul Willis, a Marxist-interactionist believes that individuals can shape society too. However, conflict theorists, such as Marxists, see education in schools as justifying and perpetuating inequality. His research suggests that schools are not directly preparing the sort of obedient and docile labour force required by capitalism which Bowles and Gintis suggest.

Bowles and Gintis argue that the hidden curriculum in schools corresponds closely to many features of the workplace, for example, males and females often playing sports, having different dress rules, and being counselled into different subjects, further education courses, and careers; many teachers having different expectations of boys and girls.

Because of the teaching of a shared value system, it is accepted as fair by most people; those who are successful are seen as deserving their success, and those who miss out blame themselves rather than the system. Bowles and Gintis, who have a Marxist perspective on education, claim that the major role of education in capitalist societies is the reproduction of labour power — a hard-working disciplined workforce.

Evaluate Functionalist Explanations Of The Role Of Education In Modern Society Essay

In the work place males and females being encouraged to conform to gender stereotypes and work in different jobs; for example, women being encouraged into taking primary responsibility for housework and childcare. Hire Writer Social background is not seen as important. This system allows plenty of social mobility; people from working-class backgrounds can be upwardly mobile if they merit this.

To conclude functionalists and Marxists have opposite views on how education affects society; functionalists say that educations allows society to run smoothly and Marxists say that education shows inequality towards society.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: Willis recognises that schools do not produce a willing and obedient workforce — a quick glance at almost any secondary school provides evidence that students do not always obey teachers, that they can be disruptive and challenge the school Willis says it is easy to understand why middle-class young people willingly go into secure and well-paid career jobs, but what is more difficult to explain is why working-class young people go so willingly into dead-end, low-paid and boring manual working-class jobs.

The second way was through the role of the education system in legitimizing or justifying inequality. Young, working-class males are not forced or persuaded by the school to leave and look for manual jobs, but actively reject school through the counter-school culture and willingly enter male semi and unskilled work the minute they leave school.Talcott Parsons argued that education acts as the ‘focal socializing agency’ in modern society.

School plays the central role in the process of secondary socialisation, taking over from primary socialisation. Positive evaluations of the Functionalist view on education. 21 Responses to The Functionalist Perspective on Education. In modern democratic societies, higher levels of formal education are associated with higher levels of involvement in the political system.

Social Integration: Functionalists say that the education system functions to instill the dominant values of a society and shape a common national mind. Discuss functionalist approaches to the role of education in contemporary society This essay will look at functionalism and the approaches held within and use these approaches to explain the affect they have on the role of education in contemporary society.

Evaluate Functionalist Explanations Of The Role Of Education In Modern Society - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample Functionalism is a way of looking at society and argues that we all share very similar.

- The Functionalist Explanation of the Role of Education in Modern Society I will discuss the functionalist's theories in comparison to those of the Marxist and Interactionists.

Functionalists believe that all in society serves a purpose and it's a positive function. Functionalist Role of Schools in Contemporary Society In looking at the role that schools play in society, it is important to first understand what the meaning of a school is. Most people would define a school a s an institution where people go to gain knowledge and to do exams but from a scholarly sociologist point of view, a school is an.

Functionalist role of schools in contemporary
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