Firoozeh dumas th f word

Regrettably, she had to change her name on her applications. Dumas wanting to change her name to Sara preposterous. Fortunately, she received the job.

Works Cited Dumas, Firoozeh. I decided to restructure is so that it would flow a lot easier. The use of simple and taboo words let the reader know that the author is a person just like one of us. Throughout the essay, the main appeal Dumas uses is emotion. The conclusion represents the summary about what the paper was all about.

Therefore, for Dumas to fill like she could fit into the American culture she changed her name to Julie. Immigrants come to America looking for better opportunities in life not to be stereotype, and discriminated against.

It also attempts to describe the way in which Americans respond to unfamiliar, foreign names. Dumas stated herself that Americans are afraid to announce foreign names because, he or she does not want to leave a bad impression.

Speaking from personal experience, living in a very small town, I did not know another Danielle until I can to college.

It is more than okay to pronounce the name wrong, just as long as he or she attempts to speak the name. But the question of equality pops up again when she is out searching for a job, which she has worked so hard to get.

Adding page numbers to some of the references I made also helps the reader understand what I am talking about. Dumas easily meets the top expectations in her career and could land a job anywhere. It deals s with the American society stereotyping other cultures coming into the American culture. Organization and structure of this essay is an important factor.

Dumas does not want the reader to be angry or bitter about the negative situations she went through. Eventually, Dumas has to take the step of change her name Julie on her applications and resume.

I decided to limit the deletions to a very small level because I feel most of my content contributed to my paper. When one chooses a title of a paper, it is important for the title to truly reflect what your message is and what the main point of the paper is.

She attended the University of California, Berkeley where she lived at International House Berkeley [2] and majored in art history. In my original copy of this assignment, I threw in the appeal of pathos with how she utilized her perspective to connect to her audience.

Dumas is new and unfamiliar with American customs, but she has to realize that Americans feel the same way. Dumas felt like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders and she finally fit in.

She lost to Jon Stewart. With Dumas few humorous approaches within the essay, the humor did leave a strong impact on the reader. I know I did just that.

Firoozeh Dumas

It tells the reader what the point of this paper was and described what Dumas accomplishes through her passage and how she reaches her goal. Another part I decided to mostly keep intact was the conclusion. As I revised this essay, I realized that I needed to improve the organization and structure the most.

The only problem was putting them in the correct order and organizing the content so it was easy to interpret and read. I must have missed that requirement on the syllabus. Such an irrational thing as this calls for attention to be drawn to it.New and Improved Copy Jordan Knobbe May 3, English Understanding the Rhetorical Situation of "The F Word" The essay, "The F Word," written by Firoozeh Dumas, fulfills its purpose to entertain with a humorous, enriching account of her interesting history of stories related to her hard-to-pronounce name.

It also attempts to describe the. In the book, The F Word, written by Firoozeh Dumas, talks about the difficulty an immigrant goes through when coming to a different country, America, and having to adapt to a completely different mint-body.comhout her book, Dumas uses strategies like humor, metaphor and personal experience to help convey her argument to her readers.

Me, Carolyn, and Tracy in Somewhere around the 18th version of my book (there were 26 versions in all) Tracy’s character was edited out. The "F Word" Author: Firoozeh Dumas By Misael Pina-Torres Americans should be able to accept and appreciate diversity in a person's name and culture.

Cultural relativism is an important aspect in modern day society. ~"I am once again reminded that I am an immigrant with a foreign name" ().

50 quotes from Firoozeh Dumas: 'Ever since we had arrived in the United States, my classmates kept asking me about magic carpets.

- They don't exist-I always said. I was wrong. Magic carpets do exist.

But they are called library cards.', ' The more modest and impractical the kitchen, the more likely one will be invited to stay for a meal. 64 FIROOZEH DUMAS Suffice it to say that, with eight letters, including a z,and four syllables, my last name is as difficult and foreign as my first.

My first and last name together generally served the same purpose as a high brick wall. There was one exception to this rule.

Firoozeh dumas th f word
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