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The Lantern Festival can be traced back to 2, years ago. Drums are beaten to lion dances, and fireworks explode to scare away evil spirits with both the sound and the light. The evening is cool and calm. The acting is very amusing and spectators enjoy it very much.

I can even remember how excited I was when I ate dumplings in childhood. I am humbled as the arts represent a higher order if intellect.

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So spring is my favorite season. Therefore, people cherished the opputunity of eating dumplings in the past. On the night before the Essay about spring festival Yeart, parents and elders have a special dinner together.

I do not like the hot sun of summer. Read more Essay about spring festival Chinese lanterns. If someone thinks they have the right answer, they can pull the riddle off and go to the lantern owner to check their answer. Women who want to be pregnant would walk under a hanging lantern praying for a child.

As China is a vast country with a long history and diverse cultures, Lantern Festival customs and activities vary regionally including lighting and enjoying floating, fixed, held, and flying lanterns, appreciating the bright full moon, setting off fireworks, flying drones, guessing riddles written on lanterns, eating tangyuan, lion dances, dragon dancesand walking on stilts.

Before the upcoming new year, people in different families had to repare the tools in order to make the couplets. Attending a festival from another culture is like putting that culture under a microscope, as when attending a festival, one often sees the fine and intricate components of that culture in vivid and vibrant detail.

My desire to pursue a masters degree in nursing is to fulfill my aspirations to complete my nursing education. Though this festival is quite a risky one, the Running of the Bulls is a sight to see…though perhaps not one to participate in. The birds remain silent throughout the winter season.

It helps us forget our routine. Children play outside the house. Many people are also still traveling back to work or school after the end of the official Spring Festival vacation days.

The night is comfortable. Indian festivals are chiefly season-oriented; summer, winter, spring and autumn. We do much work during this season because we never get tired.

They are usually sweet. New Year is the true secular festival. As we see, the form of the celebratiion of the festival varies. Spring is the symbol of life. In order to solicit businesssome resturant hang numerous red-lanterns, because it creates a scene of bustle and excitement to customers.Descriptive Essay: Cultural Festivals in Different Countries Cultural festivals occur in every country of the world.

Attending a festival from another culture is like putting that culture under a microscope, as when attending a festival, one often sees the fine and intricate components of.

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The Holi festival marks the onset of spring meaning celebrating good harvests or fertility; it represents a new life associated with the season. This celebration is about love and compassion that is why it has called the festival of love.

Diwali, festival of lights is the major festival in India for the Hindus. However, there are many others like Lord Ganesh Chaturthi, Dusshera, Vijayadasami, Holi, Janmashtami, Sri Ram Navami, Onam and all. Words Short Essay on spring season (free to read) Chetan But as soon as the spring comes, they break their silence and start singing sweet songs.

Thus, the festival of colours i.e., Holi is a beautiful gift of spring. People turn to be creative during the spring season. The poets have written so much in its praise. They also express. 21 – 29 March Programme Now in its fourth year, the Essay Film Festival, to be held at Birkbeck, the ICA, and the French Institute, seeks to explore and share with audiences the full.

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