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Some are based on the original BitTorrent while some are completely rewritten. An API defines data structures and subroutine calls.

Online Computer Science Glossary

CIF has many variations for different resolutions and technologies. Active content is either interactive, such as Internet polls or opt-in features, or dynamic, such as animated GIFs, stock tickers, weather maps, JavaScript applications, embedded objects, streaming video and audio or ActiveX applications.

Hardware or software failure. On Windows, this occurs before the graphical environment has been started. The active cell shows a thick border, and its name is at the top of the screen. Reports about bugs in a program are referred to as bug reports, also called PRs problem reportstrouble reports, CRs change requestsand so forth.

An application is a set of codes designed to allow specific tasks to happen. Examples of AI Computer science terms dictionary speech and pattern recognition. Character Encoding - A character encoding or character set sometimes referred to as code page consists of a code that pairs a sequence of characters from a given set with something else, such as a sequence of natural numbers, octets or electrical pulses, in order to facilitate the storage of text in computers and the transmission of text through telecommunication networks.

For example, ActiveX is used with Microsoft Internet Explorer to make interactive Web pages that can perform functions, rather than static pages. Buffer is a location, especially in RAM, for storage of temporary data to speed up an operation such as disk access or printing.

It contributed code and resources back to the open source BSD community. There are, in most presentations, two specially designated blocks: Application - Application in computer software refers to a complete and self-contained program that helps the user accomplish a specific task.

It represents one point within an image. In this case, you need to perform casting variable. CIM allows multiple parties to exchange management information about these managed elements. These applications often present banner ads in pop-up windows or through a bar that appears on a computer screen.

Autodesk Animator - Autodesk Animator is a 2D animation and painting program.

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Bespoke Software - Bespoke software refers to the custom-made software products, including made-to-order software. Censorware - Censorware is a category of software that is used to do Internet content blocking or Internet filtering.

Business Intelligence Software - Business Intelligence software BI Software is a kind of sotware that enables users to obtain enterprise-wide information more easily. When the first round of bugs has been fixed, the product goes into beta test with actual users and customers.

Asynchronous Communications Device Interface - Asynchronous Communications Device Interface ACDI is a software device that permits asynchronous transmission, a way of transmitting data in which one character is sent at a time, and there may be uneven amounts of time between characters.Nov 15,  · With more than Computer Terms and lots of pictorial representation of formulas, this Computer Science Dictionary defines all the technical terms from elementary to professional level/5(K).

Over 6, entries. Previously named A Dictionary of Computing, this bestselling dictionary has been fully revised by a team of computer specialists, making it the most up-to-date and authoritative guide to computing mint-body.coming expanded coverage of multimedia, computer applications, networking, and personal computing, it.

A Labautopedia compendium of words and terms related to computer science and computer programming.

Computer terms, dictionary, and glossary

Click on linked terms for more detail. Refer to the Contributing section for author information. This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. Online Computer Science Glossary Computer science is the integration of principles and applications of technologies that are required to provide access to information.

This science revolves around studying the structure and expressions of algorithms, which are then used to solve complex problems. Terms are defined in a jargon-free and concise manner with helpful examples where relevant.

This dictionary is suitable for anyone who uses computers, and is ideal for students of computing and the related fields of IT, maths, physics, media communications, electronic engineering, and natural sciences.

The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary. Search. Look up definitions of computer and Internet terms. September. 9. Term of the Day: Power Cycle.

While the phrase "power cycle" appears to be a noun, it is actually more commonly used as a verb. In simple terms, to power cycle a device means to turn it off and turn it back on again.

Computer science terms dictionary
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