Compare of the devil and tom walker to rip van winkle

The characters are one-dimensional, stereotypical figures. Wednesday, December 7, Comparison: He builds a large house but leaves it unfurnished out of miserliness. Irving has a keen eye for the ironies and contradictions of human behavior.

In "Rip Van Winkle," there is a seen where the men are sitting and gossiping about news in the town, where it is mentioned if a newspaper were to fall in their laps they would read and discuss the issues. In "The Devil and Tom Walker," Tom ends up going to the Indian Fort that not many people visit because they are too afraid of the things that happened there.

Nature played an important role in romanticism writing, which was reflected in both of the short stories. In "Rip Van Winkle," I experienced the same story line, just told in a different perspective.

The reader is allowed to suspend disbelief partly through the framing of the tale, which is recounted by the fictional narrator Geoffrey Crayon, who has heard it from an old Cape Cod whaler, who claims to have memorized it from a manuscript written by a neighbor.

When Tom becomes wealthy, he ostentatiously equips a grand carriage but has it pulled by starving horses. The nature described is always vivid and detailed. They both follow the romanticism writing style, and can closely be compared to each other considering they were written by the same person.

The reader need not be concerned for the fate of either character. For example, one characteristic of romanticism writing is the seeking unspoiled nature. Overall, I like the stories and how they portrayed the same message, but had entirely different writing styles to get the message across.

In "Rip Van Winkle," the quote "On the other side he looked down into a deep mountain glen, wild, lonely, and shagged, the bottom filled with fragments from the impending cliffs, and scarcely lighted by the reflected rays of the setting sun," gives me a clear picture of the mountains and the transition from day to evening.

I find this as an example of how the characters value their opinion as compared to the educated sophistication of others.

Compare/Contrast Rip Van Winkle and The Devil and Tom Walker

I like how the stories have the same detail about the wives constantly nagging them and persistently putting them down or yelling at them.

I can really image the swamp he is travelling through and get a mental picture of what is happening. As for the actual writing style, both of the short stories are examples of romanticism writing.

In "The Devil and Tom Walker," the quote "It was full of pits and quagmires, partly covered with weeds and mosses; where the green surface often betrayed the traveler into a gulf of black smothering mud; there were also dark and stagnant pools, the abodes of the tadpole, the bull frog, and the water snake, and where trunks of pines and hemlocks lay half drowned, half rotting, looking like alligators, sleeping in the mire," is the most vivid quote of the whole story for me.

Throughout the tale, this irony exposes the vanity and meanness of those for whom material possessions become paramount. All in all, the story could be summed up in a couple paragraphs, but in actuality it is about ten pages long, which shows how descriptive the writing is, and how things are being carried out.

Tom himself is not described in detail and is given such stock traits as greed and hypocrisy. It is also a place where he can go to escape the wrath of his wife at times. Another aspect of the stories is the nature that is found in them.

Thus, the tale is several times removed from its source, with no one to vouch for its authenticity. He exacts the harshest business terms on those least able to pay.

To Tom, that is sort of like unspoiled nature because it is not a place that many people visit and he goes there and can sort of clear his mind of all thoughts.

The serious and the comic are juxtaposed.Washington Irving's classic short story "The Devil and Tom Walker" serves as a warning to readers against the evils of greed and corruption.

Its main character, Tom Walker, is. "The Devil and Tom Walker" may be a short story but quite a bit takes place in its few pages.

The events—and the locations where they take place—really drive the overarching theme of the story: avarice and its consequences. Similarly to “The Devil and Tom Walker,” wilderness imagery in “Rip Van Winkle” retains a mysterious quality; nevertheless, the descriptions of nature in this short story focus more on similitudes of light and a general sense of peace and.

The Devil and Tom Walker & Rip Van Winkle By: Sarah Gilliard Family relationships most people like him. Accept him and his changes.

The Devil and Tom Walker Analysis

Celebrate and emphasize nature, sometimes using it as a character in the story. An Analysis of Irving's Rip Van Winkle and The Devil and Tom Walker Washington Irving was one of the first American writers to write any kind of fantasy story or writing.

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Compare of the devil and tom walker to rip van winkle
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