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Full Answer Titration is an analytical method involving two solutions or reactants: The analyte, which is the volatile substance, is first allowed to react with the excess reagent.

What Is Back Titration?

This could not be proven in this experiment using a back titration, as the Milk of Magnesia mixture was not a pure compound consisting only of Mg OH 2. The average value that was derived Firstly, the NaOH and HCl should have been titrated before the titration began to obtain an accurate volumetric standard to determine the exact concentration of NaOH7 and HCl before they were used as they are volatile solutions and concentration can vary due to evaporation of the solution.

London 8 Harwood P. This means that the endpoint occurred while the solution was still acidic. The presence of sodium bicarbonate, which is also a base, has interfered with the titration and the result is that the presence of sodium bicarbonate has left less excess HCl acid to be titrated against NaOH.

Determination of the Content of Mg (OH)2 in an Indigestion Remedy by back Titration Essay Sample

The pH of the Magnesium hydroxide mixture and HCl reaction could have been measured using a pH meter, the resulting pH value could be used to predict the pH of equivalence point using a pH curve, as the Milk of Magnesia reagent was not a pure compound the pH would be too complicated to calculate this pH value would be useful in selecting an appropriate indicator The Methyl orange indicator was not suitable for this titration.

The quantification of errors due to laboratory equipment. Calculations for A Level Chemistry. A second base NaHCO3 was also discovered to be present in the mixture, which interfered with the result significantly.

P states that the titration readings should be within 0. Introduction to Advanced Chemistry. A back titration is conducted when one of the solutions is highly volatile such as ammonia; a base or an acid is an insoluble salt such as calcium carbonate; a reaction is particularly slow or a direct titration entails a weak base and weak acid titration, the result of which is hard to ascertain.

During titration, a buret is typically used to carefully add the titrant to the analyte until a neutral state is achieved. An analyte is of unknown concentration, while the titrant, also called the standard solution, is of known quantity.

During any experiment, especially one such as titration where the results obtained depend so entirely on the accuracy of the equipment used, the errors due to the equipment used during the titration can be quantified to calculate the margin of error of the experiment. A titration is then performed on the remaining amount of the known solution to determine how much is in excess and to measure the quantity consumed by the analyte.

Secondly, the measuring cylinder used to measure the Milk of Magnesia mixture could have been rinsed out with distilled water and the contents emptied into the conical flask, more distilled water, which had been measured could have been added to make a larger volume as this would not affect the amount of moles present, or a smaller measuring vessel could have been used so that less mixture would adhere to the sides of the vessel.

A back titration is normally done using a two-step procedure.

As the values were relatively close together there was no reason why an average could not be taken, however if there had been a value that was very far out, then it would have been wise to omit it from the average as it would skew the result. It is also highly likely that the indicator used Methyl orange was not suitable to indicate the end point, so the results of the experiment are inconclusive.

London More essays like this: Fourthly, a significant part of any titration is the indicator that is used to measure the Back titration 2 essay point, if it is not suitable then this can also cause discrepancies. The colour change range for this indicator is pH 2. This is defined in the B.

This can be demonstrated through this formula of the actual reaction that occurred. The volume of NaOH delivered varied considerably, the greatest volume delivered was 3. As the value that was derived from the experiment is approximately twice the amount that is stated in the B. Thirdly, the electronic scale had no accompanying document showing a recent calibration, so the accuracy of the instrument could not be guaranteed and therefore the accuracy of the weights measured is under question.

A2 Chemistry for AQA. Some of the common types of titration methods include acid-base titration, precipitation titration, reduction-oxidation titration, complexometric titration and back titration.A back titration may be thought of as a normal titration, except done in reverse.

In a regular titration, the original sample is titrated. In a back titration, a known amount of reagent is added to a solution and allowed to react, and the excess is titrated.

A back titration may also be called an. Back Titrations Key Concepts A back titration, or indirect titration, is generally a two-stage analytical technique: a. Reactant A of unknown concentration is reacted with excess reactant B of known.

To demonstrate the basic laboratory technique of titration 2. Back Titration Essay BACK TITRATION AIM - To estimate volumetrically the amount of calcium carbonate present in the eggshell and analyzing the sources of errors to evaluate the result.

Part A. Determination of the Content of Mg (OH)2 in an Indigestion Remedy by back Titration Essay Sample. Milk of Magnesia (Magnesium hydroxide mixture) is a mildly basic mixture, which is commonly used in the treatment of constipation and indigestion, because it neutralises excess acid it is called an antacid.

(II) Discussion Back titration rather than direct titration was used because there was no suitable indicator for acetylsalicyclic acid and sodium hydroxide solution. (ranked search). You may also sort these by color rating or essay length.

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