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Federalist and Republican Mudslingers: Congress repealed Act in3 days before Jefferson retired. Ferdinand and Isabella A. The early Indian civilizations of Mexico and Peru were built on the economic foundations of cattle and wheat growing.

The geologically oldest mountains in North America are a. Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel. Little coast crafts - "Jeffs" or the "mosquito fleet. Madison accepted French offer Apush studyguide British had 3 months to revoke the Orders in Council and reopen Atlantic to neutral trade.

One way that southerners tried to regain control in the South? There they established small but permanent settlements in competition with the French and English explorers who also were venturing into North America. Judiciary Act of - last important law passed by Federalist Congress - created 16 new federal judgeships and judicial offices.

Cultivation of corn maize B. Powerful Aztec monarch who fell to Spanish conquerors J. Chief Justice John Marshall shaped legal tradition!

They evolved a great variety of cultures, which ranged from the sophisticated urban civilizations of Mexico and South America to the seminomadic societies of North America.

Among the most important Native American products to spread to the Old World were a. Napoleon hoped US would resume embargo against British. He was a Federalist - even after Federalist party had died out. The Scandinavian sailors who had kept up continuous trade contacts with North America.

Jefferson reasoned that if America cut off exports, the offending powers would be forced to respect its rights. Legendary founder of the powerful Iroquois Confederacy.

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One of the important factors that first stimulated European interest in trade and discovery was a. The Spanish were able to defeat the Aztecs because they came from a more sophisticated, urban civilization. Jefferson sent his personal secretary Lewis and army officer Clark to explore N territory.

The Great Ice Age A. The Indian peoples of the Americas a. Apush studyguide Spanish conquistadores had little to do with the native peoples and refused to intermarry with them. The primary early colonial competitor with Spain in the Americas was a. The greatest effect of the European intrusion on the Native Americans was to increase the Indian population through intermarriage with the whites.

Americans upset at this law.Chapter 27 Study Guide Chapter # Identifications Richard Olney - President Cleveland’s secretary of state, waded into affair between Britain and Venezuela with a combative note to Britain invoking the Monroe Doctrine; haughtily informed the world’s number one naval power that the United States was now calling the tune in the.

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