Appeal to emotion and chief joseph

In the tone of his speech, Chief Joseph convinces his audience to take his side because of all the trickery and harsh treatment the Nez Perces received. The most common technique used in this speech is cause and effect.

Appeal to Emotion Examples

I am usually left puzzled thinking that yes I should not hurt her feelings but it also seems wrong that she can so easily shut down my argument by saying X hurts her feelings.

Notice the form of the example: However, using appeals to emotion as a backup to rational and logical arguments is not only valid, but a skill possessed by virtually every great communicator.

I personally do find the argument convincing. No white man can accuse them of bad faith. I want to do X. Already have an account? Many more treaty councils would happen, with no different results for eight years. Fear has been found to force individuals "to break from routine and pay close attention to the external world," including persuasive messages.

Chief Joseph appeals to logos by explaining things that should be common sense; such as the laws of his people, how Lawyer had no right to sell land which was not his, setting definitive boundaries for his people and abiding by both the laws of the whites and those created by his people. Pathos is where Chief Joseph appeals to the more emotional side of mankind, explaining his ancestorial roots, his people having always lived where they live and how it was entirely possible for his people to be friends with the whites.

There must be objective rights and wrongs in the universe. It came unclouded to them from our fathers, and we will defend this land as long as a drop of Indian blood warms the hearts of our men.

Appeal to emotion

A central aspect of the art of political persuasion is creating, solidifying, and activating networks that create primarily positive feelings toward your candidate or party and negative feelings toward the opponent … You can slog it for those few millimeters of cerebral turf that process facts, figures and policy statements.

Aristotlein his treatise Rhetoricdescribed emotional arousal as critical to persuasion, "The orator persuades by means of his hearers, when they are roused to emotion by his speech; for the judgments we deliver are not the same when we are influenced by joy or sorrow, love or hate.

It provides a more realistic approach to the whole history of the settlement of our country.

Appeal to Emotion

Hope[ edit ] Experiments have shown that hope appeals are successful mainly with subjects who self-report as being predisposed to experiencing fear [43]. That is, "In happy moods, people tend to be persuaded equally by strong and weak arguments, whereas in sad moods, people are persuaded only by strong arguments and reject weak arguments.

History of Philosophy Quarterly, 5 3— The style of writing coincides with what Chief Joseph hoped to reveal about the Nez Perces: There need be no trouble. That in itself speaks volumes. By appealing to both the brain and the heart, you will persuade the greatest number of people.

Chief Joseph's Speech Analysis

Why or why not? Depicting individuals, groups, or issues from an emotional perspective, or as actors in emotional events, evokes emotion.

Chief Joseph explains how the white men showed no compassion when it came to the Indians or their land. The white man claimed that they had purchased all of the Nez Perces lands except those which would become the Lapwai reservation. Eight years later in at yet another treaty council, one which the Nez Perces people were represented by an individual named Lawyer, who sold almost all of the Nez Perces land.

Accordingly, Westen believes that emotion lies at the center of effective persuasion and that appeals to emotion will always beat appeals to reason: In modern philosophy, there are two core appeals to emotion. The technique is first used when Chief Joseph speaks about how Lewis and Clarke were very kind men.

This promise the Nez Perces have never broken.CHIEF JOSEPH’S “SURRENDER SPEECH his earliest chief examiner: Joseph is apparently pleading with his peers by revealing his own personal emotion. With this turn, Joseph also implicitly becomes the highest-ranking “surrendering general” in the Euro.

of repetition to spark emotion and that created the strongest emotional appeal. Chief Joseph says “Our chiefs are killed. Looking Glass is dead. Toohooolhoolzote is dead. The old men are all dead” (). Nov 21,  · Chief Joseph was a very good speaker because he made it clear that while his people did not want to fight they would not just be taken over, they would do whatever was necessary to preserve their way of life.

You attempted to manipulate an emotional response in place of a valid or compelling argument.

Which excerpt from the Speech by Chief Joseph is the best example of pathos, or an appeal based on emotion? Which excerpt from the Speech by Chief Joseph is the best example of pathos, or an appeal based on emotion? I see men of my own race treated as outlaws and driven from country to country, or shot down like animals.

Appeal to emotion and chief joseph
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