Active-voice sentences are preferred for most business writing because

The topic of a sentence is not an isolated island, however—it has context in relation to the surrounding sentences and paragraphs. Summary Just as varying the sentence length in your scientific manuscript creates more variety and interest for your readers, so, too, does using both active and passive voice.

Which of the following is the best tip for proofreading documents? The sentence must contain the actor, positioned before the verb.

Your next statement will show the correction. Brian met with the managers and told them about the merger. The company rewarded its top performers by giving them a day off with pay. Changing passive voice to active voice To change passive voice to active, identify the performer of the action.

An effective organizational strategy is to: Processed all accounts receivable for large department. If, on the other hand, "carbohydrates" the receiver of the action is the opening topic, the sentence is better written in the passive voice: You can improve your listening skills if you follow tips for active listening, including: In this phase they should: This is an example of a physical barrier to effective listening.

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The first part of the sentence is obviously active: This process is called: The active voice has changed the focus, however, from the research to the researchers, an emphasis the author may not desire in the Methods section, where the general topic is the research materials and procedures.

The Value of the Passive Voice

By focusing on the topic, the authors have incorporated the passive voice to advantage, producing a passage that flows naturally and is comprehensible and enjoyable for the reader.

Note in these examples how the subject-verb relationship has changed. To change a sentence from active to passive voice, do the following: A good financial planner must be certified, competent, and must possess ethical standards.

The plant maintenance manager decided to replace the three joints and had the contracting department engage a contractor. What is an example of professional behavior? Notice though, that the recommendation is not to write entirely in the active voice. This structure has novel features which are of considerable biological interest.

If you have questions, I can be reached at False We are born with the ability to read, listen, speak, and write effectively. However, that is one use that cannot be recommended. Active voice is more direct and concise than passive voice.

Experts say only amateurs expect writing perfection on the first try. A structure for nucleic acid has already been proposed by Pauling and Corey.

The passive voice emphasizes the person or object receiving the action e. Words such as definitely, quite, extremely, rather, and actually are: Look for the actor in each sentence. Sentences with "you understood.Free lesson from the Business Writing Center teaching you what active voice and passive voice are and how to use active voice.

Write Strong, Active Voice Sentences

The lesson includes a pre-writing test and post-writing test for you to use to test your knowledge. This sentence is also in active voice because "you understood" applies to both the first action and second action.

Active-voice sentences are preferred for most business writing because the subject is the doer of the action. Jenna is preparing a market analysis for her business plan. Active-voice sentences are preferred for most business writing because a.

the subject is the doer of the action. b. the subject is the recipient of an action. c. they de-emphasize %(7). Dear Anonymous, Whether you write business documents, school essays, or personal emails, active voice is usually preferred over passive voice (note that part of this sentence was written in passive voice, which works for this example).

Why is active voice preferred over passive voice in business writing? Views · View Upvoters. Writing in the active voice means constructing sentences where the subject “acts”: I threw the ball.

Pass complete!

You are making too much noise. Is it possible to write in active voice in business writing when you cannot refer to I, us or we? I prefer the active voice because it can be explain better and using the term I,We,Us. It tell what and.

Business Manager Megan Caldwell expects her employees to be displeased or even hostile when she announces a new work schedule that will become effective next month. An effective organizational strategy for Megan is to __________.

Active-voice sentences are preferred for most business writing because
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