Academic study aims and its achievement

Thus the researcher recommended that ASUU should adopt other means such as collective bargaining in achieving their aims, instead of undergoing prolong strike action which has lowered the standard of Nigerian education system in comparison with its counterparts abroad word count, The population of the study was the entire academic staffs of the University of Uyo which were in number and a sample size of was drawn using the Taro Yamane method of sample size determination.

In Encyclopedia of human behavior. Edited by Vilanayur S. They also have to consider the aims of academic study in order to ensure having a career or future job, to develop personal growth, and to contribute to the social and economic development of society. But on the other hand, a lot of people argue that the most important aim of academic study is improving career prospects.

Having a career and future job, developing personal growth, and contributing to the social and economical development of society are aims of academic study.

Secondly, improving career prospects. Furthermore, these studies, for the first time, have enabled nations to compare their educational systems with other nations and to evaluate them on this basis. Spinath emphasizes the importance of academic achievement with regard to different perspectives such as for individuals and societies, as well as psychological and educational research.

In terms of academic performance there are a whole other group of variables to consider. Therefore, academic achievement should be considered to be a multifaceted construct Academic study aims and its achievement comprises different domains of learning. However, it should be mentioned critically that this approach may, to some degree, overestimate the practical significance of differences between the countries.

Academic achievement as measured by the GPA grade point average or by standardized assessments designed for selection purpose such as the SAT Scholastic Assessment Test determines whether a student will have the opportunity to continue his or her education e.

People may vary in opinion concerning the correct aims of academic study and how they can be achieved. Given the individual and societal importance of academic achievement, it is not surprising that academic achievement is the research focus of many scientists; for example, in psychology or educational disciplines.

Today there is a big demand for qualified workers in every field. For example, some people are likely to have a strength of a great achievement in their academic study but they lack affective performance.

A recent meta-analysis suggested that mental curiosity as measured by typical intellectual engagement has an important influence on academic achievement in addition to intelligence and conscientiousness. The chapter provides further references on the topic.

There are lots of important aims of academic study. The result revealed that there is a negative correlation between strike actions and aims achievement of ASUU. Next, developing personal growth is also one of important aims of academic study.

Although there is no guarantee about this statement, nowadays more people tend to pursue for this reason. School preparedness in these areas help students adjust to academic expectancies. All criteria have in common that they represent intellectual endeavors and thus, more or less, mirror the intellectual capacity of a person.

In Handbook of research on teaching. The result also shows that ASUU strike actions have not helped in the improvement of infrastructural facilities of universities, increase in level of funding and achievement of university autonomy in the University of Uyo.

Walberg found nine factors to be central to the determination of school learning. When we are talking about a career, it means a good career or professional position which people can earn their life through. Introductory textbooks such as Woolfolk provide theoretical and empirical insight into the determinants of academic achievement and its assessment.

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Gain skills which make people well equipped for work 2. Non-cognitive skills are increasingly gaining popularity because they provide a better explanation for academic and professional outcomes. According to Hattie, the influences of quality teaching represent the most powerful determinants of learning.

Together this information can give us a better understand the exact aspects to consider when considering the impact that participation in extracurricular activities can have on academic achievement. The term serves as a distinction of cognitive factors, which are measured by teachers through tests and quizzes.

Academic achievement

Every person identifies their own purposes in this world and then tries to find ways of achieving them. Edited by Merlin C. Among the many criteria that indicate academic achievement, there are very general indicators such as procedural and declarative knowledge acquired in an educational system, more curricular-based criteria such as grades or performance on an educational achievement test, and cumulative indicators of academic achievement such as educational degrees and certificates.

To get knowledge from universities, colleges. Self-control is usually measured through self completed questionnaires. That is why it is very important for every educator to be concerned about motivation of students.

Moreover, the studies have increased the amount of attention paid to the role of family background and the educational system in the development of individual performance.Academic Achievement - "what Are the Aims of Academic Study and How Can They Be Achieved?" Discursive Essay Academic Achievement "What are the aims of academic study and how can they be achieved?".

The present study aims to establish relationships between personal, family and academic factors that account for school failure, as well as determine how these factors influence each other.

Personal, family, and academic factors affecting low achievement in secondary school. and personal family academic. and variable -and.

Academic Achievement -

Antonia Lozano. Jul 24,  · The Aims of Academic Study and How They Can be Achieved Academic study becomes an important issue when people want to pursue a distinctive achievement in their academic life.

They also have to consider the aims of academic study in order to ensure having a career or future job, to develop personal growth, and to contribute to. The Effect of the Time Management Art on Academic Achievement among High School Students in Jordan Objectives of the study: This study aims at identifying the ability effect of time management on academic more it fulfills its aims correctly in the right time.

And for the sake of effectiveness, one must give priorities to. To have an academic success, it is crucial to have aims in academic study due to its essential, anyhow the aims of academic study help academic performers in various ways.

For example academic study helps to discover. Why is academic success important? () also found the measurable impact of the way the faculty work with the students to their study engagement and academic achievement. The aim of their study was to clarify that student-faculty interaction concerned with positive study outcomes.

Students receive good support from the .

Academic study aims and its achievement
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