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A Murder in Virginia: Southern Justice on Trial

By mining this resource, Lebsock is able to underscore the truly vital role played by this publication. While the revocation of a suspended sentence must be based upon A murder in virginia word doc cause, the failure or inability of a convicted offender to participate in a community based diversion program, when such participation was a condition of and prerequisite to having been given a suspended sentence, is a reasonable cause for the court to revoke a suspended sentence.

The cause deemed by the court to be sufficient for revoking [probation or] a suspension must be a reasonable cause. Nevertheless, to the extent that the court may have found Word violated a condition of probation, we find no evidence to support such a finding.

It was this racism that led the women and Marable to be arrested in the first place, and though the county and state took pains to protect them, the very fact they needed protection spoke volumes about the racism of local whites. That seems to confirm my conversation with him.

The Detention Center, nevertheless, refused to accept custody of Word because it was concerned about protecting its statistical profile.

The evidence is quite sufficient. The Detention Center did so and determined that Word was suitable for the placement. They provide a significant part of the narrative, as the press played an important role in winning new trials for the Lunenberg women.

Word, in our opinion, was a security risk. With the failure of southern populism and its initial appeal to racial harmony, southern conservatives used the bogeyman of black domination to frighten A murder in virginia word doc whites into line.

May 01, Lance Conley rated it really liked it Read like a modern court room drama! I made contact with the detention center and inquired of them as to what their facilities were like, whether or not he would be allowed to leave the premises unaccompanied.

Here, the trial court had sentenced Word to terms of incarceration totaling nine years and twelve months and suspended all but twelve months conditioned upon Word entering and successfully completing the Detention Center Program and then the Diversion Center Program. When the trial judge convicted and sentenced Word for non-violent felonies, the judge intended to impose upon Word confinement in a regimented environment with a structured program between his active incarceration and his release into the community.

Accordingly, because the Program would not accept Word, the court determined that performance of that condition of the suspended sentence became "an impossibility.

Word would complete the program" and, thus, the Detention Center declined to put at risk its statistical profile. Word was called upon to show cause "why his suspended sentence should not be revoked for violation of probation conditions. Most significantly, probation violations are considered "sentencing events" for the purpose of a court calculating sentencing guidelines.

Thus, we have held that "a reasonable failure to [conform to the condition of the suspension] negates a reasonable cause to revoke a suspended sentence.

Appellant committed no willful act that would reasonably support a violation of probation. Community-based Corrections System Program: The court did not find, nor does the record suggest, that Word was unwilling or unable to conform his behavior to that required to complete the Program. Upon determination that i such defendant is physically and emotionally suited for the program, ii such commitment is in the best interest of the Commonwealth and the defendant, and iii facilities are available for the confinement of the defendant, the Department shall recommend to the court in writing that the defendant be committed to the Detention Center Incarceration Program.

They advised that precautions could be taken with somebody, but in light of the charges, though they are not pending, I want to make that clear to the Court, he has not been charged yet, though I can state quite frankly in court, he will be charged.

Thus, because the prospect existed that Word might be arrested and be unable to complete the Program, the administrator changed the recommendation to denying Word admission. Here the court conducted a revocation hearing and considered the sentencing options available and determined to revoke, in effect, a portion of the suspended sentence.

The book is well organized, especially important given the number of people she was obliged to include in the narrative. The order provided that he would be confined in another intermediate facility of the Department as an alternative to incarceration where he would receive a variety of services.Train carrying crude oil derailes and explodes in southern West Virginia - So violent explosion Justice Kazim Ali Malik Ne Meiin Bhalwal Mein Adalatein Khattam Kr Di Na Koi Murder Case Na Kaoi Robbery Case.

A Murder In Virginia When reading A Murder in Virginia many questions arise about why this book is important and even why the story about Lucy Pollard death mattered in let alone why it matters to us now in We've been investigation this since '93 and with my involvement, I guess, since the last of that, four months.

Mr. Word, in our opinion, was a security risk. Word had gotten back to him - 16 - that he was going to be charged with two counts of capital murder. We believe that he is a security risk, a flight risk. A Virginia man who admitted to punching a woman after she called him a racial slur could spend 10 years behind bars for his role in the fatal encounter.

Newly released court documents have revealed gruesome details in the murder of missing Virginia teen Megan Lorraine Metzger. News, weather, sports, headlines for Central Virginia and beyond. Newly released court documents have revealed gruesome details in the murder of missing Virginia teen Megan Lorraine Metzger.

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A murder in virginia word doc
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